How to get car insurance discounts

Car insurance is also known as auto or motor insurance. It is done to protect any vehicle from unexpected risks. It basically provides protection against the losses which is been incurred due to any situation. Car insurance policy covers the risk against theft, financial loss caused by accidents and any liabilities which arises. The premium amount of the insurance depends on certain factors like value of the car, type of coverage, vehicle classification; voluntary excess etc. Car insurance is very important as it gives confidence to drive peacefully and acts like a boon to the insurance holder in case of any emergencies. , It is quite difficult to take the decision like choosing the right policy and insurer for the insurance of the car as the market has so many companies offering it. It is very important to select the right insurance policy for, fulfilling the requirement and being cost effective too. Discounts can help make your car insurance more affordable, so it’s good to know which ones are offered by different car insurance companies.

There are different auto insurance discounts which can be availed at the time of getting from your insurance providers.

  • Driver Safety Car Insurance discounts – this discount is offered to do with your driving habits. This type of car insurance discounts rewards the drivers for their good driving habits. This is the most common type of insurance discounts for the car insurance discounts and offers consumers’ savings on car insurance rates.
  • Driver Status Car Insurance Discounts – These are discounts that are based on the drivers, just not on their driving habits. Your personal profile is the key to save a good amount of car insurance.
  • Policy Car Insurance Discounts- The car insurance discounts are based on your policy. Policy can be altered in certain ways so it’s possible to get certain discounts. These discounts are a mix between having to request the discount and having it automatically applied.
  • Vehicle Car Insurance Discounts- If your car comes with certain attributes such as an anti-theft device, VIN stitching or anti-lock brakes, you likely will qualify for a few discounts. These additions to your vehicle provide a level of comfort to your insurance company that they are likely to not have to pay for damages that are prevented by these additions.
  • Usage Based Discount Programs– Insurers have taken a step for rewarding safe driving by creating gadgets which monitors the customer’s driving habits. Driver’s can insert a gadget that measures the speed, mileage, time of day driven, to braking activity during the drive.

For getting discounts one must compare the insurance cost by other companies, ask for higher deductibles, maintain a good credit records as per CIBIL, low annual mileage, long time customer, no accidents in last 3 years.


Accidents can occur at any time anywhere. Car insurance is always the measure to be taken for sudden accidents for which the person is not prepared and faces problem. One must always consider taking the car insurance and renewing it timely. Claims, especially severe claims are always best avoided. Government has mandated that car insurance need to be taken, laws and enforces strict penalties when caught driving without it. Car insurance laws not only protect you from yourself but from the other drivers too on the road. By taking the car insurance one becomes tension free, protects him and family and gives peace of mind.